There is no doubting the impact of money in our everyday lives. Almost every transaction, purchase, investments and startups require one monetary involvement or the other. With money being the primary medium of trade and exchange, the business world has been made less complicated and operable by men and women alike.

However, money isn’t straightforward to come by, especially in a business inclined state city like NYC. Entrepreneurship and sole proprietorship competition have lifted the standards and average requirements necessary to startup a functional business. Such competition has also led to an increase in financial demands to keep a business stable. Judging by the various business loan options in NYC and their exorbitant interest rates, small business owners are always careful about choosing the option most favorable to their specific needs. However, there is no need to worry because we have selected the most feasible and accommodating loan options you can go for in NYC.

Merchant Cash Advance

This loan option requires a small business owner to collect an agreed amount of money from a lender to be paid in installments. A merchant cash advance’s significant advantage above other loan options is the business owner’s ability to negotiate interest rates, which will be moderate and acceptable to both him and the lender. The interest payment isn’t fixed either, as the business owner will pay back on average of what he earns on that particular month. This option is also swift to secure in emergencies and favors business owners with low credit scores.

Equipment Loan

If your business mostly requires machinery and types of equipment, then this loan option is for you. With an equipment loan, a small business owner can quickly secure the vital machinery needed to run his business without paying the total cost upfront. This loan is also perfect for low credit business owners that can’t afford to opt for a more expensive loan to secure the equipment.

Short-Term Business Loan

Short-term loans are known to have less risk than long term loans. Short-term loans are perfect for business owners that don’t need an excessive amount of funds to run their businesses. You also have the opportunity to negotiate a one-time fixed fee with the lender in a short-term loan, which means that you will be able to bypass the unnecessary monthly payments with interest. This benefit will give you the needed time to secure enough funds from your business and pay the lender in full at once. Like other loan options mentioned above, it is perfect for small business owners with low credit scores and vital business owners who need the funds quickly.

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