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    -Welcome to Sky Small Business Loans of NYC, the home of the “2 hour cash advance”. That’s right, we can approve you for a merchant cash advance loan in a matter of hours and fund you via an ACH transfer today. That means your business could potentially be officially funded by tomorrow.

    We offer a vast array of funding solutions including Merchant Cash Advance, Cash flow-based revenue loans, invoice factoring, line of credit loans, debt consolidation, term loans, bridge loans & more.

    Certain things deprive many business ideas of coming to fruition. Studies have it that in the list of plans being laid out, the major barrier to the start of a business is always funds. We do know that emotional trauma people pass through when money is the only problem denying them from a perspective plan. If you live in Manhattan NY and you fall in this category, well, we are here to let you know that your worries are ending as soon you take that bold step in reaching out to us. We at Skybusiness are a very well know reputable loan firm that can fund business across all 50 states. We have been tested and trusted by many of our past loan applicants and this is the reason a lot of them brand us the number one loan firm in the whole country. With over 800 million funded, we can beat our chest to say we can cover for that your business funds when you apply for a loan from us and get it in your account within 2hrs, sounds unreal right? Yes, just like what every customer first thought. It always sounds unreal until you step in our office and see for yourself or better still confirm from any of our past client that has successfully loaned from us. The advantage of taking a loan from us is numerous and we are always after our clients’ satisfaction. We offer different loan types, so reach out at our Manhattan office and fill the one best for you and your business brand. We are also open to hear and discuss your business idea if you want to seek advice from us also, reach us today to get started.

    Contact information: Sky Small Business Loans 630 5th Ave #8, New York, NY 10111 (212) 457-1581 https://skybusinessloans.com/manhattan-ny-branch/.

    Small Business Loan & Merchant Cash Advance FAQ:

    1. What documents do I need when I submit a loan application to Bluesky Capital Funding in Manhattan?

    Existing Businesses:

    • Personal and business tax returns for the last three years
    • Financial statements


    • Business plan
    • Business Projections

    Unsecured Cash Flow Loans:

    • Completed the application

    2. What are the different types of small business loans in NYC?

    • A small business line of credit
    • Working capital loans
    • Small business term loans
    • SBA small business loans
    • Equipment loans
    • Merchant Cash Advance
    • Unsecured Cash Flow Loans

    3. What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

    A merchant cash advance is a lump sum cash advance. The amount is determined by projected charge and debit card sales and is repaid through deductions of a certain percentage of credit and debit card sales.

    4. Are all businesses in NYC eligible for Merchant Cash Advance?

    If a business accepts credit and debit card payments, that has been operating for an appropriate amount of time and can document past earning, and have a verifiable workspace can qualify for merchant cash advances.

    5. How is your credit and risk profile viewed for small business loans in New York?

    • Credit score
    • Outstanding loans 
    • Cash flow
    • Business Assets
    • Time in business

    6. What are the benefits of getting a merchant cash advance or small business loan?

    • Expanding products or services
    • Renovation or remodeling
    • Cover shortages for operating expenses
    • Purchase or repair equipment
    • Assist with cash flow shortages
    • Marketing and advertising campaigns

    7. What are the interest rates for small business loans & merchant cash advances in NYC?

    Merchant cash advances are not a loan but an advance on future earnings, so there is no interest rate but instead, a set free based on the amount advanced

    Small business loan interest rates are based on a number of factors including, amount, credit score, business risk etc.


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