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About Sky Small Business Loans Philadelphia, PA branch: 

Welcome to our new Sky Small Business Loans Pennsylvania branch.  At Sky Small Business Loans, we understand that your business should never be held back due to a lack of capital.  We offer the best rates and loan terms in the country and will fund you solely based on cash flow and revenue. In addition, our team of amazing financial experts will get your business approved for a loan in less than two hours. Our revolutionary lending platform also allows you to utilize our unbeatable rates while reducing paperwork by up to 50%. Sky Small Business Loans terms are based on cash flow and revenue which means your credit score will not hurt you.

Our Sky team will customize the right loan for your business. Our account managers are also financial experts with strong banking, bookkeeping, and accounting backgrounds. We offer only the highest levels of professional customer service and can help you choose the right service for your needs.

Choose between one of our many multi-faceted funding options including:

  • Invoice Based Cash Advances – based on unpaid invoices.
  • ACH Future Earning Loans – based on future earning and paid through a bank account.
  • Split Credit Card Based Funding – affordable daily paybacks based on credit card earnings.
  • Debt Consolidation Plans – combine multiple loans at unbeatable interest savings.

For a fast & free quote call (215) 876-2224 now or click here to fill out a 15-second form.


Official Contact information: Sky Small Business Loans 1700 Solly Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19152 (215) 876-2224 https://skybusinessloans.com/philadelphia-pa-branch

Small Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance in Philadelphia FAQ:

1. What documentation will I need when I submit my loan application to Bluesky Capital Funding in Philadelphia?

Exact documentation depends on the business type, length of operation and loan type, but typically it includes  past tax returns, financial statements, business plans, and applications

2. What are the different types of small business loans in Pennsylvania?

  • A small business line of credit
  • Small business term loans
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Unsecured Cash Flow Loans

3. What is an Unsecured cash flow loan?

Unsecure cash flow loans for small businesses are meant for daily operations. It is used to finance, inventory, payroll, rent, and more. The loan is paid back from future cash flow.

4. What’s the difference between merchant cash advance and small business loans?

Merchant cash advances are paid back through future credit card sales plus a fee, and loans are paid back based on agreed loan terms over a set period of time, plus interest.

5. How do we view a business’s risk profile for a loan in Philly?

To evaluate risk we look at credit scores, other loans, cash flow, assets, and how long the business has been operating.

6. What are the most common uses of business loans and cash advances?

  • Buying inventory
  • Building/office expansion
  • Cover cash flows
  • Upgrading or fix equipment
  • Advertising campaigns

7. How long does it take to get approved for funding in Philadelphia?

Because of our streamlined process, experienced loan offices, and business partners we can get approval for small business loans in as little as a few hours. Our loan officers assist every step of the way through document gathering and the application process to make it as easy and quick as possible.


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